Material Design


Metal3DP Technology Co., LTD provides comprehensive technical services tailored to specific application scenarios, covering every aspect of the additive manufacturing process. From customized material design and powder trial-production to structure optimization, forming technology integration, heat treatment, surface treatment, and detection and analysis, we offer a one-stop solution to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Material Design

Powder Trial-Manufacture

Structure Optimisation

Forming Process

Heat treatment

Surface treatment

Testing and Analysis

Material Design

In specialized applications, Metal3DP Technology Co., LTD customizes material design, focusing on purity, technological advancement, and resolving technical challenges like oxygen and nitrogen content, particle characteristics, and distribution. Through composition optimization, advanced heat treatment, and innovative methods, we enhance mechanical properties. Our innovations include over 100 proprietary powder products spanning superalloys, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, die steel, and medical alloys, surpassing industry standards.

Directed Energy Deposition

design for Copper Alloy Powder

Enhancing conductivity, corrosion resistance, and strength. Perfect for electrical components, automotive parts, and industrial use.

3D printing

design for titanium alloy powder

We optimize titanium alloy powder for superior strength, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability, serving aerospace, medical, and automotive industries.

7050 aluminium alloy powder

design for aluminum alloy powder

We enhance aluminum alloy powder for high strength-to-weight ratios and formability, catering to automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics sectors.

3d printing metal powder application

design for Cobalt Alloy powder

Specializing in cobalt alloy powder with enhanced wear and corrosion resistance, tailored for aerospace, energy, and medical applications.

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Powder Trial-Manufacture

Our Powder Trial-Manufacture service offers clients the opportunity to test and evaluate custom powder formulations before full-scale production. Through meticulous experimentation and analysis, we ensure that the powder meets the desired specifications and performance requirements. This service enables clients to validate the feasibility of their projects and make informed decisions, ultimately leading to successful outcomes in additive manufacturing processes.

Structure Optimisation

Our service utilizes advanced algorithms to optimize component designs for additive manufacturing. We maximize strength and efficiency while minimizing material usage, resulting in lightweight, high-performance parts.

Lightweight Design

We streamline structures for lighter, more efficient components, ideal for aerospace and automotive industries.

Functional Design

Our optimization ensures components not only meet performance requirements but also enhance functionality for optimal performance.

Special Functional Design

We specialize in tailoring structures to meet unique functional needs, providing customized solutions for diverse applications.


Forming Process

We utilize advanced forming techniques like laser powder bed fusion and electron beam melting to fabricate complex components with precision and efficiency. Our expertise in additive manufacturing ensures superior mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy, making our process ideal for aerospace, medical, and automotive industries.

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Heat treatment

We utilize heat treatment to optimize the properties of metal components through precise heating and cooling cycles. This process enhances strength, hardness, and durability while relieving internal stresses and improving dimensional stability. Our expertise ensures that components meet industry standards for aerospace, automotive, and medical applications.

Surface treatment

We offer advanced surface treatment solutions tailored to enhance the performance and durability of components. Our expertise includes techniques such as coatings, plating, and polishing, meticulously applied to meet specific requirements for corrosion resistance, wear protection, and aesthetic appeal. With our surface treatment services, we ensure that components not only meet but exceed industry standards, delivering superior quality and performance across diverse applications.

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Testing and Analysis

At Metal3DP, we specialize in comprehensive testing and analysis services to ensure the quality and performance of components. Our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise allow us to conduct a range of tests, including mechanical, chemical, and dimensional analysis. From material characterization to performance testing, we provide detailed insights to optimize designs and processes. With our rigorous testing and analysis, we guarantee the reliability and functionality of every component we produce.

6013 Metal Powder for MIM

Powder Testing

Ensuring raw material quality through particle size, flowability, and chemical analysis.

Mechanical Properties

Metallographic Analysis

Examining component microstructure for defects and irregularities.

Metallographic Analysis

Mechanical Properties Testing

Evaluating component strength, hardness, and ductility for performance assessment.

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Dimensional Measurement

Guaranteeing component accuracy and conformity to design specifications.