Inconel 625 Powder

Inconel 625 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy known for its high strength, outstanding corrosion resistance, and excellent fabricability. It is widely used in applications that require high performance in extreme environments.

Metal Powder Size Quantity Price/kg Size Quantity Price/kg
Inconel 625 0-20μm 1KG $59 20-63μm 1KG $98.30
10KG $39 10KG $69.10
100KG $34 100KG $64.50


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Table of Contents

Inconel 625 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy known for its high strength, outstanding corrosion resistance, and excellent fabricability. It is widely used in applications that require high performance in extreme environments.

Inconel 625 powder is the powder metallurgy form of Inconel 625, made by gas atomization or other methods. As a powder, Inconel 625 offers additional benefits in terms of flexibility in production and enabling more complex part geometries.

Overview of Inconel 625 Powder

Inconel 625 powder provides exceptional properties that make it suitable for high performance parts across industries like aerospace, oil and gas, chemical processing, and power generation.

Here is an overview of Inconel 625 powder:

Composition Nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy with niobium and iron additions
Nickel Content 58% minimum
Density 8.44 g/cm3
Melting Point 1260-1350°C (2300-2460°F)
Key Properties Excellent corrosion resistance, good fabricability, high tensile and creep rupture strength, outstanding fatigue and thermal fatigue resistance, oxidization resistance
Particle Size 15-45 microns typical
Production Methods Gas atomization, plasma rotating electrode process (PREP), vacuum induction melting

With its unique combination of properties, Inconel 625 powder is an excellent material for additive manufacturing, metal injection molding, and other powder metallurgy techniques to create complex and high performance parts.

Composition of Inconel 625 Powder

The composition of Inconel 625 powder is what gives it the characteristic properties that make this superalloy so versatile and well-suited to extreme environments.

Here are the key elements in the composition of Inconel 625 powder:

Nickel 58% minimum
Chromium 20-23%
Molybdenum 8-10%
Niobium 3.15-4.15%
Iron 4% maximum
Titanium 0.4% maximum
Aluminum 0.4% maximum
Other trace elements < 0.5% total

The high nickel content gives Inconel 625 excellent corrosion resistance. Chromium provides oxidation and corrosion resistance. Molybdenum enhances creep rupture strength and corrosion resistance. Niobium prevents strain-age cracking. Iron improves tensile strength.

The careful balance of these alloying elements enables the outstanding performance capabilities of Inconel 625 across a wide temperature range from cryogenic to 980°C. The composition is optimized to achieve strength with corrosion resistance for the extreme environments seen in aerospace, chemical processing, and energy applications.

Properties of Inconel 625 Powder

The combination of composition and powder manufacturing process enables some exceptional properties in Inconel 625 powder:

Corrosion Resistance Excellent in reducing, neutral, and oxidizing environments
High Temperature Strength Retains tensile and creep rupture strength up to 980°C through solid solution strengthening
Oxidization Resistance Resists oxidation in intermittent service to 1090°C and continuous service to 980°C
Thermal Fatigue Resistance Withstands rapid heating and cooling cycles without cracking
Cryogenic Properties Retains ductility and toughness at extreme cold temperatures
Fabricability Easy to form and machine with conventional methods
Weldability Excellent weldability by most commercial fusion methods

These well-balanced capabilities spanning strength, corrosion resistance, fabricability, and weldability make Inconel 625 the top choice for demanding applications across industry verticals. The powder format offers additional flexibility.

Inconel 625 powder price list:

Metal Powder Size Quantity Price/kg Size Quantity Price/kg
Inconel 625 0-20μm 1KG $59 20-63μm 1KG $98.30
10KG $39 10KG $69.10
100KG $34 100KG $64.50

Applications of Inconel 625 Powder

With its versatile properties, Inconel 625 powder is enabling high performance parts production across sectors:

Aerospace Engine components, airframe parts, exhaust systems, fasteners
Oil & Gas Drilling equipment, wellhead components, downhole tubing, valves, piping
Chemical Processing Heat exchangers, reaction vessels, pumps, valves
Power Generation Heat exchangers, tubing, ducting, scrubbers, fuel rods
Marine Propellers, shafts, pumps, valves, piping, desalination
Automotive Turbocharger parts, valves, exhaust components

The applications of Inconel 625 powder:

The applications leverage the key properties of the material like corrosion and heat resistance to enable performance in extreme environments.


In aerospace, Inconel 625 powder is used to additively manufacture complex engine parts that are subjected to high temperatures and pressures. This includes combustion liners, turbine blades, guide vanes, cases, housings, and hot section components.

The excellent strength at elevated temperatures enables lighter designs for improved fuel efficiency. Parts maintain dimensional stability even under thermal cycling seen in turbine engines.

Inconel 625 powder also builds high strength airframe and landing gear components as well as cryogenic parts for space applications.

Oil and Gas

For oil and gas drilling, Inconel 625 offers exceptional corrosion resistance against brines, H2S gas, and solids. It withstands pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking.

Components like downhole tubing, wellhead parts, valves, pumps, and piping systems are constructed from Inconel 625 powder to ensure reliability under extreme subsurface conditions of high pressure, corrosion, and erosion.

The hardness, strength, and workability supports long service life for drilling equipment and completions.

Chemical Processing

In chemical processing, Inconel 625 provides unparalleled performance in coping with corrosive environments containing alkalies, halogens, mineral acids, salts, and wet atmospheres with sulfur compounds like SO2.

It resists corrosion cracking and localized attack in the demanding conditions seen in heat exchangers, columns, evaporators, and reactors across industries.

Inconel 625 is the #1 choice for handling acids that destroy other metals rapidly including hydrogen fluoride, phosphoric, sulfuric, nitric, organic acids.

Parts like valves, pumps, and piping are constructed to ensure safety and prevent dangerous leaks.

Power Generation

For coal-fired and nuclear power plants, Inconel 625 handles high pressure and temperature fluids alongside emissions containing fly ash, SOx, NOx, and other corrosives that destroy ordinary materials.

Components like heat exchanger tubing, ducting, fuel rods and reactor internals rely on Inconel 625 powder to retain strength and corrosion resistance for the service life spanning decades.

It also withstands oxidation and thermal cycling without failure.

Marine Environments

In marine applications, seawater corrosion is relentless in destroying components. Inconel 625 provides exceptional resistance against chloride-ion attack, sulfuric acid, and other corrosion mechanisms seen in desalination plants and on ships.

It protects propellers, shafts, propulsion systems and submarine parts that encounter marine environments. The excellent cavitation-erosion resistance prevents metal loss.

Overall, Inconel 625 powder enables the construction of lighter, stronger and longer-lasting components across industry verticals that demand performance under extreme chemical, pressure, heat, and mechanical stress or combinations thereof – capabilities unmatched by other materials.

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